Those well acquainted with Me know that one of My greatest passions is honing My technique and expanding My kink knowledge. And while I am eternally grateful for the gifts of chocolates and lingerie, there is no faster way to my heart than enabling my kink education fetish. My lofty intellectual pursuits come with a lofty cost. Below are the costs associated with the workshops and intensives I intend to pursue. While some of the tuitions may seem daunting, there is no contribution too small as each draws Me closer and closer to My desires.

You may send you contribution HERE with the comment "For You" so that you can be thanked and rewarded appropriately.

Weekly Workshops in San Francisco $20-$40


ProDomme Mentoring Session

from Princess Kali $185

Private Lesson from Simone Justice $225

Professional Domme Development Session from Dr. Morgana Maye $180

DomCon LA

DomCon ticket $130

DomCon flight $240

DomCon hotel $500